Courts Can Make Abortion Illegal…

Only God Through His Church Can Make Abortion Unthinkable


Introducing Making Life Disciples 2.0!

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MLD is a simple, easy-to-access basic training that allows your church to begin a holistic, gospel-centered approach to caring for the abortion-vulnerable. The low-cost training — based on Care Net’s 45 years of experience — teaches people in your church how to offer practical help and discipleship to people who are in the midst of making difficult pregnancy decisions.

Accordingly, MLD equips your church to establish a team to walk alongside women and men facing pregnancy decisions and to build a unified, holistic, kingdom response to abortion.

It turns your church into a central point of compassion in your community. Moreover, MLD enables your church to form meaningful partnerships with your local pregnancy centers so that you can create “kingdom connections” throughout your community, forming a network of support for people at risk for abortion.

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Your role is essential in saving the unborn from abortion and connecting lost women and men facing unplanned pregnancies with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Become part of the movement to equip 4,000 churches by 2023 to offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.

Once you sign up using the form, one of our support team members will contact you to begin providing prayer, encouragement, coaching, and technical assistance to guide you down the path to implementing the Making Life Disciples program in your church.