Caring For Those Considering Abortion

In Caring For Those Considering Abortion, you will learn how to reach out with emotional intelligence and help someone considering abortion.

You see, focusing on a Christian worldview is essential—that is, raising your life-affirming IQ. However, if we are going to lead with love and provide ministry to men and women that are facing pregnancy decisions, then we need to raise our emotional intelligence, or EQ, as well. Apologetics—training on “giving an answer”—has a place, but emotional intelligence is needed when ministering to the abortion-vulnerable.

During the next nine sessions, as we go through this material together, we will become better equipped to meet the abortion-vulnerable in our communities with compassion, hope, and help.

Caring for those Considering Abortion Lesson Title Direct Links to Lessons
1. Understanding the Foundational Role of the Gospel & Discipleship CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 1
2. Understanding the Pregnant Woman’s Perspective and Feelings, Part 1 CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 2
3. Understanding the Pregnant Woman’s Perspective & Feelings, Part 2 CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 3
4. Communication Basics CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 4
5. Active Listening CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 5
6. The Importance of Involving and Engaging Fathers CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 6
7. Serving Mom and Dad as a Couple CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 7
8. What’s a Crisis and How Do You Intervene? CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 8
9. The ABC’s of Crisis Intervention CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 9


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