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How Can Churches Work Together with Pregnancy Centers?

This interview shows how MLD builds better bridges between centers and churches.

This shows the greater vision that surrounds MLD.

Making Life Disciples (MLD) Stories of Impact

MLD helped us provide immediate support to an abortion-minded woman!

I just wanted you to know that we trained 25 people... We had a commissioning dinner and celebration on Friday. On Monday morning, one of our Life Disciples (LD) came into contact with an abortion-minded young woman who has an abortion appointment on Thursday. Now she has an ultrasound scheduled at our office on Wed. So grateful for our LD, who has intervened and ministered to this young woman. Because of the intervention, this young woman is now more open... to continuing her pregnancy and seriously considering adoption... Thanks for all you do…

MLD helped us connect an abortion-minded client with a mentor!

Three churches recently completed the Making Life Disciples course. Upon their graduation, I went to meet with each class. Oh, they had so many questions! They, of course, wondered how soon it would be before they “got a girl”! Of course, I asked the same thing! I cannot believe it myself, but as I am writing this, we have “the girl” right now across from my office meeting with a Life Disciple (We are calling them ‘Life Mentors…’). This young woman had an appointment for an abortion scheduled for next week when she first came to us. During that appointment, she told our R.N. that she had nobody to help her during this difficult time. Our nurse knew immediately that we did have someone that could come alongside her! The call was made, and they have connected!

MLD helped us engage the church and get our pregnancy center back on mission!

I am writing to let you know that we have successfully introduced Making Life Disciples to 38 pastors in our community! Of those 38, we have 8 that have taken the challenge to train a group of Life Disciples in their respective churches! In three weeks, I will visit the graduates of those classes to begin a stronger relationship... so we can begin to introduce our clients to them for mentoring and discipleship. The effort has taken almost a year... We were caught in the web of trying to “be” the church [in its mission to make disciples], when we recognized the true calling for our center was to reach the abortion-minded/abortion-vulnerable…

MLD helped us bring healing to the post-abortive!

In a small coastal area with no center nearby, Lynn was excited to hear about Making Life Disciples (MLD) [and]...approached her pastor to discuss the need.... With his permission and blessing, Lynn reached out to 4 other area churches, inviting them to take the MLD classes. She then ran the course for a group of 20 regular attenders every Sunday night for eight weeks. It was a class rich in relationships with many personal stories shared. As the group grew closer and began to pray for one another, an unexpected thing happened. 7 out of the 20 participants admitted either privately to Lynn or in the group that they had had abortions. In this instance, MLD led to offering several post-abortion workshops that brought significant healing to the lives of both women and men.

MLD helped us mobilize the church to show Christ’s love to a Muslim family!

A Muslim client... was faced with a tough pregnancy decision and came to Due to her language barrier, she faced many disadvantages, and to add to an already seemingly impossible situation, her husband lost his job. We reached out to our network of supporting churches. One of the churches recently started a Making Life Disciples program and... responded IMMEDIATELY, wholeheartedly thanking me for reaching out with this opportunity to love and serve a family in need.

MLD helped us engage pastors in a deeper conversation around abortion and the gospel!

Our last meeting had 26 attendees, and as a result, more churches in the area are considering using MLD and starting life teams. One post-abortive woman asked us if she might use her testimony to help others. We then invited her to attend our most recent “Abortion and the Gospel” conversation. At the meeting, one pastor asked, “How do we love the abortion-vulnerable/post-abortive in our congregation?” This brave woman was able to share her story and then respond, “I just need to know that my story is safe in the church and that my whole self is welcome.”

You can transform your church’s response to the abortion crisis. By signing up on this site, you will be equipped to bring Making Life Disciples — the first curriculum to train the church on how to minister to women and men facing pregnancy decisions — to your church.

Far too many Christians are having abortions. Four in ten women who have had abortions were attending church at least once per month at the time of their abortions. If there are 1 million abortions per year, 400,000 are among churchgoing women. If the average abortion costs $500, churchgoing people are funding the abortion industry to the tune of $200 million every year. We can “defund Planned Parenthood” by simply ending abortion in the church.

But to remove this “log in our eye” we need the right tool. Making Life Disciples is a resource that changes the conversation about abortion and centers the discussion around the gospel and discipleship, the essential mission of the church.


The purpose of Making Life Disciples is to transform your church’s response to abortion. Since Roe v Wade passed in 1973, there have been approximately 1 million abortions per year in the United States. In order for this number to change, the Church must step up and step in, offering love and compassion to those facing unplanned, unexpected, or unexpectedly complicated pregnancies. Unfortunately, politics and a lack of knowledge around ministering to women and men in these situations has provided churches with an “excuse” to not get involved.

But Making Life Disciples does not require your church to attend a march, tell folks how to vote, or talk to members of Congress. It simply trains your church on how to approach unplanned pregnancies with the same lens your church uses to approach hunger, grief, poverty, and addiction — a discipleship lens. When you tell your church that you have people in your congregation who need to become disciples of Jesus Christ, no church can say “no.”


Our goal is to equip 4,000 individuals in churches with Making Life Disciples by the year 2024. Only through the connection to your community can we achieve this goal. But we can only achieve this goal with people like you, who are ready to transform your church’s response to the abortion crisis from one of silence to action. From “it’s a political issue” to “we are here to make disciples of Jesus Christ among those facing pregnancy decisions.”


Working together with people like you, we will establish Making Life Disciples ministries in 4,000 churches by the year 2024. When you sign up through this site, we will give you everything you need to work with your church (pastors, lay leaders, ministry leaders, etc) to establish a Making Life Disciples ministry.

Then, using the resources on this site, you will be able to connect with other local churches, Care Net pregnancy centers, and other Making Life Disciples ministries to exponentially increase the impact of your efforts.


Bring Making Life Disciples To Your Community

Bring Making Life Disciples To Your Community

Your involvement is crucial in saving the unborn from abortion and connecting individuals facing unplanned pregnancies with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join us as we equip churches across the nation to offer compassion, hope, help, and discipleship to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.

Once you sign up using the form, someone from our Church Engagement team will contact you to begin providing prayer, encouragement, coaching, and technical assistance to guide you down the path to implementing the Making Life Disciples study in your church.

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