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Creating a Culture of Life

Being visible life support to those facing unplanned pregnancy and in need of post-abortion recovery and healing

Welcome to the introductory sessions of Making Life Disciples as a part of your church’s Life Tribe training

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Making Life Disciples is a 12-session curriculum recommended by Life Tribe to equip a group of first responders in a church to offer compassion, hope, help, and discipleship to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.

Course Videos

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Session 1

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session One “Gear Up” section in the course guide. Thank you for joining us, friend! You’re embarking on a twelve-week journey to become a special kind of first responder in your church and community. Women and men are facing pregnancy decisions all around us, and while there are many ways to engage with the issue of abortion, God has given us the solution: discipleship. Please fill out the survey “Completed Lesson One” to let us know how this first session impacted you.

Session 2

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session Two “Gear Up” section in the course guide. In this session, you’ll gain some vital background information on the history of legalized abortion in America. You’ll also learn about the spiritual consequences of abortion and why the church must see abortion not only as a cultural issue, but ultimately as a heart issue.

Session 3

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session Three “Gear Up” section in the course guide. The fact that you’re on this twelve-week journey with us shows you understand that the topic of abortion calls for special training. However, as we cover important topics like permission-based care, we also want to help you overcome any paralyzing concerns about your qualifications. Compassion and dedication will be most important, and if you ever feel overwhelmed, remember that if God has called you to this ministry, He will equip you!

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