Local Research


As a Life Disciple, you are called to serve in your unique church and community, which will be affected by state laws and local organizations. Doing some research into the laws and restrictions that exist in your state will give you some important context, along with checking to see if or where abortions are offered in your city or region.

Our network of affiliated pregnancy centers offer accurate and helpful information in a compassionate environment. We can help you find out if you are pregnant, provide you with accurate information about your options, and offer you post-decision support.

While we want to stress that Making Life Disciples is a non-political, practical approach to caring for the abortion vulnerable, our purposes here are to help you learn about your state and local laws related to abortion. Although the sites listed below are not affiliated with Care Net or Making Life Disciples, we hope you will find them helpful.

  • Charlotte Lozier Institute collects and reports on trends by state. See their reports HERE
  • To see where your state stands on the protection of unborn life by comparing the Roe era to the post-Roe era, visit the Heritage.org page HERE
  • Family Policy Councils (FPCs) state-level groups help shape public debate and formulate public policy. FPCs work with state legislators, local government officials, and community leaders to encourage and initiate pro-family policies. To find the local group in your state, see their state-by-state links HERE. Each state has its own website that can be a resource to keep you informed of local issues relating to life in your state.

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