Pro-Life 101 Course Index

Pro-Life 101 Course Index

Be Confident in Your Ability to Defend the Unborn

Being a pro-life advocate can be challenging. Our mission to defend the unborn can sometimes feel like an uphill battle because our culture has accepted the abortion agenda and has lost its respect for life.

Care Net has put together an easy way for you to be confident in your ability to defend the unborn and compassionately engage our culture about abortion – a free online course!

With more than 45 years of serving women and men at pregnancy centers across North America, the experts at Care Net have carefully put together this course to: 

  • arm you with trusted facts on abortion and the industry
  • equip you to confidently and lovingly stand for the unborn

Abortion must come to an end, but the first step to making this happen is for pro-life advocates to learn how to confidently and effectively communicate the reality of abortion. (note: this is not comprehensive training for pregnancy center professionals — for such training, click HERE. If you are a church seeking to implement the full Making Life Disciples program you can purchase that training HERE.)

1. The history of abortion in America CLICK HERE TO START LESSON 1
2. The spiritual consequences of abortion CLICK HERE TO START LESSON 2
3. The qualifications of a Life Disciple CLICK HERE TO START LESSON 3
4. Confidentiality and permission-based care CLICK HERE TO START LESSON 4
5. The four essential traits of a Life Disciple CLICK HERE TO START LESSON 5
6. Key Biblical values that govern a Life Disciple CLICK HERE TO START LESSON 6

Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

Bring Making Life Disciples To Your Community

Your role is essential in saving the unborn from abortion and connecting lost women and men facing unplanned pregnancies with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Become part of the movement to equip 4,000 churches by 2023 to offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.

Once you sign up using the form, one of our support team members will contact you to begin providing prayer, encouragement, coaching, and technical assistance to guide you down the path to implementing the Making Life Disciples program in your church.

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