Lesson 3 – The qualifications of a Life Disciple

Lesson 3 – The qualifications of a Life Disciple

“If I had a life disciple at 17, I would have chosen life instead of abortion.” As we heard in our last session, Linda Cochrane’s words show the opportunity we have to offer compassion, hope, and help to someone facing a difficult pregnancy.

One of the biggest reasons we feel uncomfortable talking with someone about their pregnancy decision is because we feel unqualified. We think, “Don’t I need to be a pregnancy center worker or pastor to have that conversation?” Or, “What if I say the wrong thing?”  And here is a big question many of us struggle with: “Isn’t abortion too personal and political of an issue to get involved in?”

Linda and abortion-vulnerable women and men, however, are not worried about politics; they are worried about their future. Today we will hear from Care Net’s former Director of Client Care, Vernicia Eure, who oversaw Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line.

Pregnancy Decision Line coaches have spoken with thousands of women and men as they faced unplanned pregnancies. She will tell you why you are qualified to be a Life Disciple. After you watch her session, be sure to fill out this lesson’s worksheet. It will help you address some of the most common concerns you will face when helping someone through a pregnancy decision.



Preview of the Next Lesson

What is permission-based care? How can you be a safe place for someone facing a difficult pregnancy? How do I speak up without making someone feel uncomfortable? Join me in the next session as Eve Gleason, Care Net’s Director of Center Services answers these important questions.

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Jesus empowered His disciples to be witnesses of Him. Through the apostle Paul we are reminded that the gospel is the power of God for salvation. As a life disciple you can bring life support to those who have possibly faced a pregnancy decision with a bad choice and those who might still be in the process of deciding. We would like to help strengthen or create a bridge of hope between local pregnancy centers and your church. Would you share below the name of the church you attend and if possible someone in leadership there who would be open to hearing more about the Pro-Abundant-Life message?

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