Lesson 4 – Confidentiality and permission-based care

Lesson 4 – Confidentiality and permission-based care

Great job! You are halfway through our six-lesson course! We have already covered so much ground and some of the most important lessons still remain. In the last lesson, Vernicia reminded us that faithfulness is the most important qualification of a Life Disciple. But what is the very first thing you need if you are going to build positive, influential relationships? How can we be helpful without being pushy? 

Eve Gleason, Care Net’s Director of Center Services, will teach us how to embody respect and compassion in our efforts to serve those making pregnancy decisions. She will also show us how to create a place where confidentiality is respected and people feel safe sharing their needs. 

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Preview of the Next Lesson

Do you rely more on thinking or feeling when making decisions? How would this change your work as a Life Disciple? In the next session, Patrick Eades, Executive Director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Coastal Georgia, will share with us the four essential traits of a Life Disciple and teach us to balance our “thinking self” with our “feeling self.” You won’t want to miss it! 

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Dawson Troutman, the late founder of The Navigators, used to ask people, “Where is your man(woman)?” By asking this question he reminded people of the constant need to be connected with fellow believers in life-to-life discipleship. Many in the body of the Messiah have never had an intentional discipleship relationship where two or more believers encourage each other to live a full life / abundant life in their day to day reality.

How about you? Read the passage below and list what you observe about Jesus’s heart, the state of people in the “crowd,” His direction to His disciples, and who is ultimately responsible to raise up laborers in His Harvest.


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