Sanctity of Human Life 2024 Toolkit

Care Net’s Sanctity of Human Life (SOHL) 2024 toolkit is designed to be a resource for you to better connect, steward, and foster relationships with the local church community. We understand that, at times, information can be overwhelming. This is not the desired goal of this toolkit. Instead, we simply want to offer you a resource page that you can browse and use as a framework or template to craft your SOHL message for your specific context. 

This year’s toolkit is themed around three booklets written by Care Net’s President and CEO, Roland Warren. These booklets highlight the importance of discipleship, the Pro Abundant Life mindset, and clarity when it comes to conversations with pro-choice Christians. We believe that this framework is aligned with our belief on life, our desire to see a robust discipleship movement in conjunction with a revival movement, and a need for intentional theological questions on the issue of life and abortion.

We are grateful for the work you provide in every corner of this country, and we are honored to partner with you. Please reach out to our Church Engagement team with any questions you might have! We are here to serve and look forward to seeing how God might use you in 2024! 

Important Dates

  • Sanctity of Human Life Month…January, 2024
  • March for Life in Washington DC…January 19, 2024
  • Sanctity of Human Life Sunday…January 21, 2024
  • State Marches

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Helpful Scripture References for SOHL Sunday 

John 4…The Woman at the Well

  • This text is a beautiful picture of Jesus’ love for people. He went out of his way to approach this woman. He was well aware of her brokenness and still approached. Jesus didn’t laugh, bully, or gossip. Instead, He offered grace to her in her time of need as he spoke the hard truths. Jesus didn’t see her as a commodity to be traded or swapped. Rather, He saw her as an image bearer that deserved his time and attention. He saw her, loved her, and freed her. 

Genesis 3…God Enters the Garden

  • Even though sin had entered the garden and Adam and Eve had sinned against God…God entered the garden. He could have washed his hands of them, but he pursued them on their worst day. Praise God, He pursues us too! This is our message to our patients…God enters the garden!

Luke 7…Do You See This Woman?

  • A woman from the street enters the house as Jesus is dining with the Pharisees. She starts washing the feet of Jesus. The Pharisees are dumbfounded as this occurs and begin to question Jesus in their minds. Jesus responds to their secret questions with a simple question…do you see this woman? This is the same question we must ask ourselves. Do we see this woman? This baby? This man? This family?

2 Corinthians 5:17-21

  • Recognizing that we are reconciled to God through Christ’s work on the cross for all of our sin. That abortion is not outside of His forgiveness and that he desires for us to be in a healed relationship with Him. Sexual immorality is covered. Abortion is covered. We are not defined by our sins.